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Wellness Challenge 360° is a full circle approach to nutrition and wellness. Your journey begins with a 7-week program that provides you with the tools and resources for results that can last a lifetime. Registration is now open!


2018 7th Annual
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Thank you For Making Our Summer Benefit a Huge Success!

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It is never too early or too late to begin your wellness journey. Wellness Foundation empowers people of all ages to lead their very best life.


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A fun, hands on program that empowers children and families to take control of their health destinies and become the "Generation of Change."



Investing in your own wellness is the best gift you give yourself and the people you love. Learn how to feel better than you ever have in just 7 Weeks!



The Wellness Zone Membership program provides weekly activities from cooking classes, seminars, support groups, teleconferences with wellness experts and discounts to many local restaurants, businesses and fitness facilities.